Brand Upgrade with investment!

Brand Upgrade with investment!

Hi Eooouers,


After months of communication and discussion, finally we are glad to announce that we have received an investment from the industry last week. The fund will be entirely used to upgrade our supply chain, brand awareness, and local service/selling channels in both US and Europe.

This round of investment comes from our partners in the supply chain, and it's going to tighten our cooperation to provide better products and prepare our next-generation Eooou for our customers.

And a few things happened/is going to happen with this round of investment:


Joint Brand

With the investment, we will upgrade our current brand "Eooou" to a joint brand together, and the joint brand will stick to our existing quality and service. We have temporarily closed our Facebook and Instagram Fanpage for the upgrade, and our new joint brand will be published soon this month. If you have any questions within with transition period, please don't hesitate to email us at



First of all, we are sticking to our current manufacturing schedule and all orders before Nov 15th will be shipped in December, 2020.

As stated, with the investment, we are able to reduce costs in the supply chain and provide better products with the current level of cost. In fact, we have already made several upgrades with your E-bike including the follows:

  1. We have upgraded the model of the Shimano rear shifting with RD-TZ50 to provide a better shifting experience and more precise control over your bike.
  2. We have upgraded the chainrings to reach smaller yaw while riding.
  3. We have upgraded the front fork with a lockup feature.
  4. For customer purchased the storage rack, we have upgraded the iron storage rack to a stronger aluminum rack.

And we are going to provide the following options within this month:

  1. Puncture-proof tires.
  2. More bike models.
  3. Belt chain for our single speed bikes.
  4. Our city bike starting at $699 with free shipping as always.
  5. Our city scooter help covers your daily street transport.


We sincerely appreciate your support to us and we are dedicating to provide better products and services to our customers. 


Best Regards,

Eooou Team

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